Andrea7 Sunday Nights of Glory. GOD IS Set to change Ur life and turn Ur situation round for good. Don't  miss these 7days of glory and you will testify.This was my second option for costume this year. My first option was simpler and easier, but it was lost by FedEx! So I went as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm actually green, that isn't a filter. Work had their Halloween festivities today. So hesunset-3090
 neal turner Queens Cup 2016 - 2016-1028 -_MGL0018.jpgND7_3821.jpg
Lions_WSeagulls097IMG_0710.jpgCadwell Park Track Day 24th October 2016 with Opentrack Track DaysDSC00555
20160829_165734 Scan-111102-0037-Edit.jpg今日から2週間はラーメン博みたい。
IMG_0778P1160143London Heathrow Airport 28/10/16 Photos taken from the Thistle Hotel Veranda.FOXTROT ALERT